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Codifypedia is a blogging platform inspired by the rise of Knowledge Nomads (in short Knowmads) in society.

Knowmads excel in the project economy. They are successful in building a career across projects. As a result they are less dependent on one employer.

In order to become a successful knowmad consider building a strong online presence on Codifypedia. Share your knowledge or post simple updates, because it is worthwhile.

Codifypedia provides you a unique networking opportunity with like-minded individuals. Your personal timeline is an important asset for all your followers.

The unique selling point of Codifypedia is the Videoforum, which is simply great fun. Start blogging now!

Alternative Social Media

This platform allows expression of personal and authentic views.

You are welcome if you:

  • believe in freedom of speech.

You are more than welcome if:

  • microblogging is a hobby.

Knowmads are knowledge workers of the future. Ambitious people need a microblogging platform like Codifypedia that enables them to become Knowmads. Codifypedia can be used for professional and personal goals.

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