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Terms and Conditions

When you register an account on Codifypedia you agree to the Terms of Service explained below. By using the Services on Microweblog, enabled by its features, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

Terms Account

  1. If you wish to make a public contribution in the form of an Update, make sure the associated topic is relevant. This will ensure data integrity.
  2. Codifypedia periodically updates knowledge clusters where your hash tags are maintained.
  3. If you decide to assess an Update by someone else make sure that your assessment is grounded and truthful according to your interpretation and best intentions.
  4. Every registered user gains Expert Pages where he or she can define services and / or publications. Each associated Expert Page (at least one), can be designated as 'published' or 'unpublished' by the user. Content of unpublished Expert Pages is not visible on related pages.
  5. If you decide to maintain an Expert Page of Services and / or Publications, which you designated as published, make sure to link each individual service with one or more predefined topics, which you have to add first. Also, make sure that these topics are relevant based on their meaning.
  6. Use hash tags to characterize the type of service your provide or publication you made. This is not mandatory.
  7. If you add a service to your Expert Page, it is highly recommendeable to include the unique value proposition as well. That way you can differentiate better from competition.
  8. If you wish to make your Update public you can check 'Share on Public Timeline'. Public Updates are displayed on the Public Timeline.
  9. If you registered an account you can always upgrade to a premium account.
  10. The shared interests on this community platform are reflected by Tribes. Tribes are communities around a central theme covering specific hash tags. When Updates have hash tags in common with Tribes they will become part of the Tribe's feed. Depending on followers (including the Tribe creator) the feed related to a Tribe will appear on private Timelines.
  11. If you wish to create a new Tribe based on your personal interests you have the possibility to do so. In that case you accept that any other user may join your Tribe, and thereby gain access to its feed, and that you can not control who follows or unfollows your Tribe. In other words, you accept that you are not an administrator in terms of user management for your Tribe(s).
  12. You have the right to delete your Updates and Videocomments.
  13. You can edit Updates and Videocomments.

Last updated: 26-08-2022.

The terms of Codifypedia are under development and may change.

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