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Home > Maximize Efficiency in Test Automation with ‘Automation Copilot’ Your AI-Powered Test Automation

Maximize Efficiency in Test Automation with ‘Automation Copilot’ Your AI-Powered Test Automation



Tired of manual test script coding? Introducing aiTest's Automation Copilot, your one-stop solution for faster, smarter, and more efficient testing!

Struggles of Manual Testing

Manual testing is slow, expensive, and error-prone. It can consume up to 50% of a QA team's time, leaving less room for crucial tasks.

Introducing Automation Copilot

This revolutionary feature within aiTest's comprehensive platform automates test script generation. Say goodbye to tedious tasks like XPath identification, scripting, and test execution. Automation Copilot does the heavy lifting, saving you over 60% of your time!

The Rise of AI in Testing

The market demands intelligent automation to streamline testing and ensure quality. aiTest leverages AI to analyze user interactions and automatically create test cases, eliminating the need for complex scripting knowledge. This empowers QA teams for faster deployment cycles and a focus on intricate test scenarios.

Freedom and Control

Unlike other no-code solutions that lock you into their ecosystem, aiTest's Automation Copilot grants you complete control. You own the generated code, allowing you to integrate it into your framework, store it in your preferred repository, or keep it locally. Modifications are always an option, ensuring you're not restricted by a vendor's platform.

Why Choose Automation Copilot?

aiTest's Automation Copilot goes beyond a simple feature. It's a game-changer, seamlessly integrating with "GenAI testing" for an advanced approach to test generation. This powerful tool combines the precision of AI with the adaptability of machine learning, giving you a competitive edge in today's dynamic digital landscape.

Benefits Beyond Time Savings

The advantages of Automation Copilot extend far beyond saving time:

  • Reduced Project Budget: Less coding translates to lower manpower costs.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: QA teams can tackle more strategic tasks by letting the copilot handle repetitive work.
  • Minimized Errors: Automated generation ensures highly accurate test scripts.
  • Accessibility for Everyone: The use of the Cucumber framework allows for plain English syntax in feature files, making it user-friendly for both technical and non-technical users.
  • Faster Setup: Our dummy framework offering saves you a significant 20-30 hours by eliminating the need for framework setup.

Effortless API Testing

API testing becomes a breeze with Automation Copilot. It generates robust test scripts that validate API functionality swiftly and reliably, eliminating the need for manual navigation of complex API interactions.

A Smooth Testing Journey

We understand that adopting new tools can be daunting. That's why we offer comprehensive support, including a beginner-friendly dummy framework for a quick start to your testing process without a lengthy setup.

Our innovative testing chatbot provides a one-stop solution for all your testing-related questions. Whether you need guidance on specific tools, techniques, or troubleshooting assistance, our AI-powered chatbot is always there to help.

aiTest: Your All-in-One Testing Platform

aiTest is a comprehensive testing platform designed for concurrent testing across your applications. It supports cross-browser and browser version testing, as well as functional and performance tests integrated with Analytics. Additionally, the platform offers automation features including an LLM for effortless generation and testing of machine learning models, along with generating test data. aiTest functions as a one-stop solution for continuous testing, seamlessly integrating with CI/CD pipelines. With support for multiple languages and specialized testing for AI/ML services, aiTest empowers organizations to accelerate release cycles while guaranteeing quality and reliability.

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