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Codifypedia is a unique concept. Users have two main options:

  1. Posting an Update with a limit of 500 characters,
  2. Posting a Videocomment with a limit of 500 characters,
  3. Sharing a Podcast with (currently) a limit of 30 MB per MP3 file.

The first option is microblogging and based on dynamics such as posting short messages, following and getting followed. The second option is a combination of blogging about videos (not to be confused with vlogging), and discussing videos on a separate (forum) video page.

Secondly, User posts have greater public exposure. Public posts are presented on the Public Timeline and are organized around topics. Videocomments are presented on the Videoforum according to a chronological Timeline (more transparent).

Finally, Codifypedia is designed as a Community, and therefore has a User directory, so that Users can discover interesting profiles.

A graphical depiction of the main functions of Codifypedia:

Figure: Concept of Codifypedia

There is an edit button so that you can alter your Updates (go to your Public Profile Page).
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