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Is The Intermarium Inevitable?

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Are you using an AI?
Youtube hates you and wont recommend you to me even if its in my watch later
time for czechout! fuck eu and nato, fuck any ally other than our friends, unite with poland, restore traditional values here
poland shoould immediately be kicked out of th EU
As a Romanian I would welcome such an alternative to NATO and the EU.
This video... is such an amazingly shallow oversimplificatio I'm honestly in awe. I'm not goingto dispute every point i disagree with, but as long as I have been alive, I've never seen greater support for the EU and NATO in Poland, it has risen SIGNIFICANTLY over the past 3 months. Sure they have many flaws, but recently, should anyone bring up any anti-EU or ESPECIALLY anti-NATO, they get laughed out of the room, and are treated as unwitting russkie colaborators. The levels of catholicism and nationalism have fallen recetly as well, with the most nationalist party being just over the threshold of being admitted into the parliment (and now, after quite a few pro-russian statements by their MPs, they're prognosed to be below that threshold in the next election), and according to church officials, Poland is the country in Europe with the greatest rate of people leving the church. I'm sorry, it just isn't that simple. i know that money must be made, and it IS a 10 minute video, but please, do better research next time
Orest Subtelny in "Ukraine, A Story" wrote that the Germans distrust anything Russian and the Poles outright reject it.
Germany did not reduce Poland to a landlocked state. The General Government or General Governorate was a German state. The Germans outright annexed some parts of Poland and were preparing the area of the General Government for the future annexation into the Greater German State.
What is the Music used? you didn't write it
We Romanians support a strong Eastern Europe!
In Romania we regard the Polish plan as naive. Not saying it wouldn't be good in some ways(considering the current situation) but seriously doubt it could ever be implemented for various reasons both internal in the countries involved,as well as external interests from West and Est. So ranking it as probable might be a overstretch. LE.We also see the rise of _illiberalism_ as a national threat (officially stated in the current national defence strategy) so a Polish lead plan might not be seen as something to aspire to.Nothing against Poland and it's people but a considerable percent of the population wants more EU integration not less. 🇷🇴✌️🇪🇺
No! Baltics likely would go with Northern states, than Poland. Because of historic splits and difference in culture and governance.
i dont know why should Poland protect the baltic states for example? whats the benefit for Poland to help all these smaller countries? maybe its better for russia to take over them and have local unrest as a result, i dont really see any benefit only a lot of potential problems for Poland to be getting involved in - i mean its not like we have friendly neighbors :P
Monsieur Z is russian troll
Maybe you should thought about changing your brand... I'm unfamiliar with your channel and first impression wasn't positive based on the Z.

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