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5 REAL Possibilities for Interstellar Travel

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Lukasz Rosinski  
We also have to deal with the 'wait calculation': when is the optimal time for humanity to send colonists to another star? The wait calculation takes into account that humanity may develop faster methods of travel in the future. And therefore it should delay sending colonists.
Physicists sometimes 8:30 speak of the size of a black hole however, if it’s a singularity it has no dimensions, no radius.
More fantasty than a Tolkien book... why is this a science channel?
I’d really like to see an argument from scratch of relativity which doesn’t assume empiricism. It seems to me all arguments about say time dilation are flawed because they assume reality must be measured or „seen“ objectively by all observers and the result is all kinds of absurd reasoning about time being relative, clocks slowing down and twins aging differently.
Wow. So the ancient Bajorans did the right thing.
well the laszer on the moon is a no go ,to expensive and antimatter containment is too difficult and very Dangerous
So how do you survive the Cosmic Rays hitting you from all sides?
And this is why education should be free and equal.
Will I be able to use my pensioners bus pass for interstellar travel?
i would go with electric propulsion and a huge drum for artificial gravity , a must have in space
A lot of things are possible in our lifetime. The rate we're going we won't have Interstellar travel for centuries. It will be several decades or more before we send people to Mars and bring them back in one piece.
Pretty confident claims for gravitational waves as an alternative to dark matter theory for a 7 year old video. Bravo. Bravo for the Veritasium shoutout, too. Science loved that.
Lets be real here, if a comet is headed to Earth our future is "Don't look up" not "Interstellar." Nothing Humans have ever built works 100% of the time. An anti-matter anything would be a bomb waiting to go off. Let us hope Fusion can be made to work, or some new physics will be discovered.
But what happens of your space ship hits even a tiny particle of space dust or pea sized asteroid at that speed?
I have a dubt about this space ships , How about the Service inside, gone by Executibe or First Class in this SpaceShips?

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