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Lukasz Rosinski autobiography


Lukasz Rosinski Autobiography

Lukasz decided to pursue IT Entrepreneurship during his Master study Business Informatics, at Utrecht University. After graduation he worked part-time as a web developer allowing him to work on his original software ideas. His main idea was a knowledge portal complementing document management with easy access to codified knowledge.

In addition, he developed a second, more simple idea around knowledge bases: a PRINCE2 method knowledge base. Time has learned that his second idea lacked a fundamental business case. Also, third party copyright made it less interesting in the long term. On the other hand, his second idea evolved into a community website, a feasible project, and this increased commitment.

Eventually, both ideas continued to evolve. In the beginning of 2012, Lukasz developed a prototype in C# and .Net of his first idea, by the name KnowledgePlace. And later that year he started product development. His second idea became MethodPlace, which existed a couple of years. MethodPlace featured project management content, such as premium book chapters and community articles. The final evolution of KnowledgePlace happened in 2023, the year that KnowledgePlace was rebranded as ProjectKnowmad. ProjectKnowmad is a free Project Workflow Management System and an important brand of Antes Information Systems.

The key innovation behind Lukasz's second idea was adopted on the Homepage of ProjectKnowmad. This innovation is based on "Process Elements" applied to the HybridP3M methodology (introduced in Lukasz's second book). The innovation provides insight into the structure of HybridP3M.

In 2019, Lukasz gained another idea: a social media platform, and started development. This idea was inspired by the social features of MethodPlace. In 2022, after three years of development, and after a few brand name changes, this idea resulted in a new brand: Microweblog, a new social media and social networking website.

In 2022, a very productive year, Lukasz created two additional platforms, resulting in a portfolio of 4 platforms. In 2024, the latest version of Microweblog, under the short lived name of MicroblogX, merged with Codifypedia.

At this point Antes Information Systems controls 3 brands:

  1. ProjectKnowmad (tool for managing projects and knowledge marketplace).
  2. Codifypedia (new kind of article encyclopedia and social media platform).
  3. SurveyEffort (questionnaire software, including an organizational P3M maturity assessment tool).

From 2017 to 2021 Lukasz authored three books, available on Amazon. As author, Lukasz

  • Created a Hybrid Project Management methodology: HybridP3M.
  • Created a new P3M maturity model called 'Maturity Alignment in Dimensions of Enterprise Origin', in short: MAIDEO. This maturity model outperforms P3M3. MAIDEO is based on five organizational dimensions, namely Strategy & Policy, Process & Organization, Monitoring & Control, IT, and People & Culture.
  • Created blueprints of various PMO models according to PMO evolution.
  • Created the Small-Middle-End methodology, a generic and minimalistic approach to projects and change.
  • Created a (niche) methodology for project knowledge management, called 'Projects with Learning Outcomes'.


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