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Articles > Chapter 2 HybridP3M Hybrid Project Management and Agile Mindset

Chapter 2 HybridP3M Hybrid Project Management and Agile Mindset


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Introduction to Chapter 2 of HybridP3M: Hybrid Project Management and Agile Mindset.

Hybrid Project Management is a complex concept, often misinterpreted. Traditional project management does not equal a waterfall delivery model, which so many people believe. It is a matter of terminology calling for a paradigm shift. Similarly, while most Agile methods indicate an agile delivery model, it is theoretically possible to apply Agile principles or other elements in waterfall or similar settings. As noted in the Introduction, Agile or agility is a variable. Considering the opposing philosophies, one can acknowledge that there is a dichotomy, but by combining both approaches into a new one the result is indeed a methodology across the Agile – Traditional spectrum. It should be noted that an alternative term for a waterfall delivery model is predictive.

HybridP3M consists of three matrices. Matrix 1 is about linking processes with roles. The roles introduced here are explained in detail. Following, Matrix 2 is introduced for matrix style resource management, enabling optimized allocation of resources within a portfolio. Resource management in project-based organizations is per definition a P3M task. Next, Matrix 3 is introduced in which HybridP3M processes are mapped with PRINCE2 processes. The rationale behind Matrix 3 is to extend functional processes with life cycle management, characteristic for PRINCE2. After Matrix 3, building on the first section
containing some definitions, arguments are provided to support the proposition that HybridP3M is both Agile and traditional. Next, HybridP3M principles are introduced, also based on the meta-model in the previous chapter. Finally, there is a section on knowledge-based project/program management, the adopted philosophy behind project management. See the Figure below:

Levels of maturity


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