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Hybrid Delivery


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I proudly present Hybrid Delivery as to complement my book HybridP3M: Hybrid Project Management and Agile Mindset, in particular the Chapter ‘Agile Product Delivery’. My goal was to create a lightweight, generic hybrid delivery process. Since the time I wrote my book, my thinking has evolved. In my book I suggested that the delivery model is essentially a binary choice between predictive delivery and agile delivery. But I concluded that there must be a midway, hybrid solution. Even at the delivery model. This does not change that Hybrid Project Management is a combination of traditional management and agile practices. Only, that if you look at a lower level there is a trade-off possible between management overhead and agile processes, driven by an agile mindset. Based on the model I created, which is simple and provides a useful overview, I believe that I succeeded in my mission.

Hybrid Delivery


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